About Us

Pretty Handy is a Makerspace & Gift Shop intended to bring local crafters, vendors, and diy-ers together. Whether you are looking to craft on your own, share your trade, or learn something new, we are here to help!


Our mission is to support and promote small businesses and makers, giving them a venue to showcase their product and an opportunity to share their craft. We offer quality products crafted by talented makers, artisans, crafters, diy-ers & more. Our shop prides itself on improving the community and environment through collaboration and sustainable practices. 

We are not an art studio or a gallery. We just enjoy making cool things.


We are constantly sourcing unique handmade items that can not be found in your average chain and department stores. If you have a product that people don’t know that they need yet, please reach out to us at prettyhandypeople@gmail.com.

Questions or comments? Contact us here!

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