But why are you here?

So we took our blog down for a while since we wrote a whole two pathetic posts before falling off the map into a big pile of sawdust and drywall - but we're back, almost open for real, and we're ready to go!

Now, if you haven't had the chance to visit our shop yet, good luck finding us. We're on the second floor of what is pretty much a medical building filled with dentists and doctors offices. Just follow your GPS - and yep, we're really in there.

"But what are you doing here?" So far, this is the #1 question asked by almost every person that has rolled through our door during our soft opening. You'll probably ask the same thing - so we'll just take the time to explain now.

If we were to take a storefront like every other 'shop' like business on Franklin Ave, we would be 100% be depending on people that actually want to walk in our door and see our beautiful faces after fighting the rest of the town for a parking spot that barely exists. With the economy as it is now, that would be a risky choice on our end. However, no matter how the economy is, people will always need food and healthcare. So here we are - surprise - next to your primary care physician and down the hall from your dentist.

We decided to convert a suite, previously a spa and prior to that, and dentist's office, into our shop. So yes, we agree that we have an obscure location - but hopefully it will work out for us!

During the day, we will be a gift shop for the patients to grab coffee and shop while waiting for their appointments - offering locally sourced goods, supporting local artists, makers, and businesses. In the evenings and on weekends, we will hold workshops and private craft parties in this cute little downtown 'loft' that we now call home.

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shop local
175 franklin avenue, suite 202
nutley, new jersey | pretty handy
phone: 973-798-2300