DIY Scrap Scrunchies

DIY Scrap Scrunchies

All patterns will be different and a surprise! If you love a particular color, put it in the notes and we will try and match up as best we can. Sizes may also vary but that just gives you a different scrunch.


You get:

- Scrap Fabric (precut and/or prestitched) 

- Thread

- Needle

- Safety Pin

- Hair Ties or Elastic


You Need:

- Scissors



We are giving you two options for this!

Pre-stitched strips ready to finish, or pre-cut fabric ready to hit the sewing machine!


For those of you aching to learn how to use your sewing machine, this is the perfect starter project. A straight stitch - and if you screw up, it will be hidden once you turn it inside out!

Here's a link on how to start things up! If you need further help with your particular machine or have a million questions, reach out to us, and we will happily set up a zoom/skype/facetime meeting with you to get you started!



DIY Scrap Scrunchies

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