Greeting Card with Pin

Greeting Card with Pin

Designs By Bonnie Berish (Nutley, NJ)


Includes Greeting card and Pin.


Front: Its more important to be in love than to be on time. 

Inside: and besides, my watch is broken anyway.


Front: When nothing goes right, go left.

Inside: Just signal first.


Front: Here's to an occasional burst of reggae.

Inside: Congratulations!


Front: You are ridiculously outstanding.

Inside: and every day you make me smile.


Front: Thanks for being so cool.

Inside: You could stop global warming.


Front: Thanks for being phenomenal, spectacular, stupendous, splendid, unbelievable, you're THE BEST.

Inside: Obviously.


Front: There are puddles on every trail.

Inside: So start spashin'.


Front: Life is lots of doing and plenty of trying.

Inside: Keep up the good work.

Greeting Card with Pin

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