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Little Batch Candle Co.

Andrew Kruep · Bloomfield, NJ

Little Batch Candle Co started out as a creative way to save money (I was buying too many candles!), which then ignited into a passionate pastime and small business.


The Little Batch brand consists of 100% natural soy wax products. Absolutely no paraffin here. This means that one 8 oz LITTLE BATCH lasts longer (and is much more eco-friendly) than those 3 wicked competitors I always had in my online shopping cart.


Super local, hand made/poured, and in small ("little") batches.


Visit for more info!

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North Road Designs Co.

Nikki DeWald · Nutley, NJ

North Road Designs Co was imagined out of a desire to make trendy statement earrings.  What started as a hobby with friends turned into an Etsy shop. The earrings and bracelets are made from a lightweight faux leather material.  They are effortless and easy to wear. Satisfied customers say, “I don’t even know I’m wearing them!” The bracelet designs are unique and resilient to wear and tear.  Nikki is a busy, working mom and enjoys creating new designs in her free time. Every piece is made with intention and care. Find more designs on her Etsy shop here!


Crafty Coasters

Gabriella Botti · Nutley, NJ

Gabi made her debut into the small business world by way of the Nutley TREP$ Marketplace.  Here, she learned the fundamentals of turning her ideas into real products.  Each coaster set was hand-crafted with love! 

When she is not drawing or creating, Gabi enjoys playing piano at home.  She is also a three-season Nutley athlete, playing softball, soccer and basketball.

The Natural Wreath Shop.jpg

The Natural Wreath Shop

Linda Bonavita · Nutley, NJ

Linda loves working with natural materials....pine cones, eucalyptus, grape vine wreaths, paper flowers, rafia & ribbons. Making these wreaths, etc. is fun and contemplative for her. She likes the quiet during each process and takes pride in each finished piece. Hiking through New Jersey's state parks provided her with the inspiration to start making pine cone wreaths; making eucalyptus wreaths took off from there. 

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Denise D. Costantino

Denise D. Costantino · Nutley, NJ

Denise D. Costantino is local Nutley artist. Her fine artworks are featured in the House & Garden, NJ Design Magazine, Showcase Magazine, Nutley Neighbors, Bathroom Trends, Show Houses including Mansion in May. As well as; children’s book; “Sweetie’s Search for a Forever Home in the Garden State”, “Saving Catherine” and “Window Under the Sea.” Through her company D&D Architectural Design, Costantino combines her traditional fine art training blended modern mediums to colorfully expand from canvas to large murals, textiles and decorative finishes. Since 2003 she has forged a solid rapport with her clients, and fellow artisans’ community. She is a proud member of IDAL, Metropolitan Artisans NY/NJ IDAL chapter and SCBWI. For more information, be sure to visit her website: Instagram: @ddarchdesignartist

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See Why Watercolor

Christina Young · Bloomfield, NJ

Christina Young is a local, self-taught, watercolor artist from Bloomfield, NJ. As a full time psychotherapist, Christina helps guide individuals through life’s challenges, and is a strong advocate for creating balance through self-care. By utilizing the same skills she encourages her clients to practice, Christina developed her own unique style through watercolor.


She is available for custom and/or commissioned paintings, including cards, Christmas ornaments, wedding monograms, and city skylines. Follow her on instagram @seewhywatercolor and check out her work on Etsy here!

Unfauxgettable Finishes.png

unFAUXgettable finishes

Felecia Arago · North Jersey

Felicia has been a professional decorative artist in New Jersey since 1998 and received training by many recognized artists in the field. While working for others for a few years, she realized that being in business for herself would allow her creativity and artistic freedom to shine.  She is an award winning decorative painter, also certified in Aurastone / Granicrete and ICoat installation and has recently become the president of the New Jersey chapter of IDAL (International Decorative Artisans League).  Faux has really evolved, so she regularly attends seminars and conventions to stay current.  Many exciting new opportunities await and she loves what she does!

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Emerald Designs

East Hanover, NJ

Cute. Creative. Fun! Brighten up every corner of your life with these unique and personalized designs that are made to fit your style!

Custom Vinyl Printing. Monograms, personalized gifts, apparel, team wear, party favors, windows, mirrors, signs, wall decals, promotional products.

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Reimagined By Joe

Joe Higgins · Nutley, NJ

Joe. Makes. Windchimes.


Joe's beautiful cherry tree in front of his long standing Nutley home is his growing harmonic portfolio. Dog dad and Nutley Resident of 18 years, Joe now enjoys upcycling bottles into windchimes and eating sandwiches at Vilardo's Deli in his free time. 

Find him on instagram at @joeswindchimes

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Walt's Beef Jerky

Walt & Mike · Nutley, NJ

Walt’s Beef Jerky was created in 2007 by Walter LaBar, a native of New Jersey and master butcher with over 40 years of experience. Walt first started making his all-natural beef jerky at home for family and friends using a special marinade created with his own blend of sauces, herbs and spices. At Walt’s we ensure that all our products are fresh, tasty and a made with the finest beef and natural ingredients available.

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Stylish Self

Jennifer Kohnen · Nutley, NJ

Jen has been creating her whole life.  She loves using her hands to make things and she loves when it beings others joy.  Her grandmother taught her to crochet when she was really little and she wasn't very good at it. She put it aside and picked it back up when She was in high school.  At that time she fell in love with it and really learned how to be good at it. Her whole life she has been creating with anything she could get her hands on. Mostly with her grandmother.  She remembers many happy summer vacations at her grandmothers house trying new and fun crafts.  Now she gets to share her love of crafts with you.  She hopes you enjoy her finished products as much as she does.

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A Painted Peacock

Jessica Botti · Nutley, NJ

A Painted Peacock's mixed-medium art is inspired by nature with a touch of whimsy.  These unique handmade accent pieces are sure to breathe vitality into any space! 

Jess Botti is a long-time Nutley resident who turned her passion for abstract visioning into creating adorable art.  Jess is a full-time working mom and volunteers as Troop Leader for her daughter's Girl Scout Troop.  When she is not crafting, she can be found with her husband, daughter and their three dogs.  

Check out some of her other creations on her Instagram page: @apaintedpeacock


Karen De Rose

Karen De Rose

Karen DeRose, is a local artist with a BFA in Fine Art from Montclair State University in Montclair NJ and has a Teaching Certification Certificate from the state of NJ.  Her mom told her she found her drawing a face at 2 and 1/2 years old and has continued ever since. Both her parents and family are very artistic and she followed suit.  They also introduced her to the Jersey Shore at three weeks old. Therefore, her love for what God has created; the sun, ocean, beaches, shore motifs, and beautiful waterways, along with her intrigue of drawing, created the perfect combination for a lot of the subject matter she loves to draw and paint.  She fell in love with watercolor painting and the fluidity of it!  She is fascinated with watching the explosion of color dance on top of puddles of water when she paints. Karen coined the phrase and technique “puddling” at an adult watercolor class she taught at for the Bloomfield Art League when she was questioned on how much water she used when she painted. She said, “she likes to paint in the puddles and will call it puddling!”


Pallotta Hot

Nick Pallotta · Clifton, NJ

At Pallotta Hot words like “homemade” and “fresh” are not only catch phrases but also a part of their beliefs and vision. They truly believe that in order to give you the perfect tasting pepper sauce only the freshest peppers can be used. Their commitment to offering you the highest quality pepper sauce is uncompromising and intense. Try it and Pallotta Hot will be a staple in your home.


Java Love

Montclair, NJ

Java Love Coffee Roasting Co., is a woman-owned, artisan coffee roasting company created out of a personal mission and passion for community connection and quality coffee done right.

Committed to sustainably-sourced coffee beans produced with respect for the environment and the farmers, Java Love coffee is handcrafted and roasted with heart in small batches highlighting and maintaining the quality and character of each bean.

Simply put - Java Love is committed to Coffee with Integrity.

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Jersey Barnfire

Austin D’Almeida and John Sauchelli · Sparta, NJ

Jersey Barnfire's mission is simply to make the best tasting, locally produced and sourced food products. Helping to keep local farms and businesses thriving. They use locally grown produce whenever available. Their sauce enhances the food you eat without covering its flavor. Check out their website here!

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Catherine Pezo

Catherine Pezo · Nutley, NJ

Catherine Pezo is a local artist from Nutley, NJ.  She spent some time studying at New York University Tisch School of the Arts for Photography and Imaging.  She is currently at Montclair State University pursuing a BA/MAT for teaching students with disabilities K-6 grade.  She hopes to combine her two passions by incorporating the arts into our special education programs. 
Her photography work focuses on the unseen beauty and intersecting aspects of nature, as well as similar concepts in architecture. She also does documentary and street style work, and often uses mixed medias to convey her work.


B. Berish

Bonnie & David · Nutley, NJ

B. Berish is a design company based out of Nutley. Right now their palette consists of designing compelling image based jewelry, cards and enamel pins and charms. Everything is made in their own studio, here in good ol' Nutley. Family owned and operated. Find our more about them at and follow them on instagram @bonnieberish

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Laura C Ragusa · Nutley, NJ

Laura C. Ragusa is a freelance graphic designer working and living in Nutley, NJ.

Besides racking up years of graphic design experience, she has spent the last 3 years being a mom to an awesome kiddo.

Her new venture, 'artschmart' aims to create fun and beautiful learning aids an activity kits for children of all ages.

Find her on instagram @ellragu or on her website at

Somers27soap copy.jpg

Somers 27 Soap Co

Braden · Nutley, NJ

Braden's company was launched through the support of Nutley Trep$ Marketplace program and Nutley Education Foundation. Braden found great success and knowledge from the program and is now selling her products at local farmer's markets here in Nutley. Braden is passionate about reducing the use of plastic and reducing her carbon footprint so all her products are created and packaged without using plastic. Braden's home business continues to grow and has products that the whole family can enjoy! Follow her on Instagram at


Oh So Preeti

Preeti Kumar · Bloomfield, NJ

Preeti's art is inspired by her love for geometric form and the colors as well as clean lines of Scandinavian design. She grew up in Germany close to Denmark and am of Indian heritage now living in the US so she has absorbed a bit of every countries design into her own art. 
One day a few years back she was looking for a piece of art for her own house and couldn't find anything she loved so she made her own. She absolutely fell in love with the process and hasn't stopped since. She makes custom mixed media wall art as well as home decor items.

Learn more about her on her website. Check out her Etsy shop here! Follow her on instagram and facebook for updates!


Hip Designs

Shari Merola · Belleville, NJ

Shari is a multi-medium craft artist that loves everything from gardening and sewing to found object sculptures. You name it, she's done it! Her all time favorite thing is being able to teach art to kids - teaching them how to think and create is so fulfilling! She has been an Art Teacher in Clifton for the past 10 years and going. Shari loves to work on collaborative projects with her husband, Danny from Belleville Building Materials in her free time.


Debbie's Doggie Delights

New Milford, NJ

Debbie has always loved to bake. It has been a passion of hers since she was a teenager. She has always loved animals and that has been for her whole life. She lost my husband a few years ago so She have haven't had anyone to bake for in quite awhile. So She turned to the dogs and decided to combine her passion for baking and her love of animals. Debbie's Doggie Delights was born.


All her treats are handmade, natural, and have no preservatives. Find our more at

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