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Circuit Mess - Ringo [STEM KIT]

This neat little device is an open source mobile phone that you can build yourself.


Besides that, Ringo is also an educational device shaped like a mobile phone compatible with all mobile networks.

Its purpose: to motivate people to explore, learn and create something new in a fun and interesting way.


What you get inside your box:

  • Ringo circuit board – the main board that connects all the components in a uniform device that can work as a mobile phone
  • Ringo casing – multiple sheets of acrylic cut with the power of lasers. They protect the innards and give Ringo this sleek look
  • 128*160 full color TFT LCD – for playing games, displaying phone numbers and everything in between
  • GSM module – a tiny module responsible for everything related to calling and texting other people
  • Main microcomputer module – a dual core processor with built-in Wi-Fi, BLE, and a charging circuit
  • Sound module – a board with a DAC (digital to analog converter) chip and a headphone jack for music playback (responsible for ringtones, alarms, game sound effects)
  • Amplifier module – makes loud buzzes, bleeps and bloops
  • Stick-on antenna – for superb phone signal (a.k.a. send text messages while in the bathroom)
  • 4GB Micro SD card – preloaded with games and apps
  • A bag with other tiny electronic components



Watch a video here!


Circuit Mess - Ringo [STEM KIT]

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